Giuliana Mandich is Full Professor at the University of Cagliari (Social and Political Sciences Department). She has been a Fulbright Visiting Scholar at Harvard’s Department of Sociology (Cambridge, MA, USA). Her research interests include the sociology of space, cultures of mobilities and processes of domestication of public space; young people’s capacity to aspire, experience and imagination of mobility; social futures in a cultural perspective and their impact on individual and collective agency. Giuliana Mandich is Principal Investigator of Mapping Youth Futures

Valentina Cuzzocrea is Senior Assistant Professor of Sociology at the University of Cagliari. Most of her work gravitates around the study of young people in Italy and beyond, and qualitative methods. She is also interested in a variety of spaces inhabited or animated by youth, including transnational spaces that emerge through youth geographical mobility.

Caterina Satta Caterina Satta is a research fellow at the University of Cagliari and she is on the executive committee for the research network, ‘Everyday Life’ of the Italian Sociological Association (AIS) as a Secretary. She is a qualitative sociologist with methodological competences in ethnography, in-depth interviews and child-centred participatory techniques. She works in the field of the sociology of childhood, family and everyday life. Her research focuses on adult–child relations, parenting and children’s agency, gender and generation, Children’s Spatialities and consumer culture.