Research seminars

Researching youth futures is a very challenging task. The MAPPINGYOUTHFUTURES project host a series of webinars to discuss questions about what forms of sociological knowledge, theory and methodologies are needed to address youth futures.

The aim is to share experiences from various perspectives and bring together from all over the world researchers routed in different intellectual backgrounds to address these issues.

These are only some of the topics the webinar series will focus on: narrative methodologies and visual studies, mobilities and moorings, imaginaries of the future, uncertainty and agency,  entrepreneurship and political participation in a post-pandemic society.

Webinars’ recordings will be available on the project’s YouTube channel.

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Last events:


Industrious modernity

 July 9th, 5.00 pm (CEST) 

Watch the seminar on Youtube:

Presenter: Adam Arvidsson (University of Napoli Federico II)

Discussants: Mark Banks (University of Glasgow), Claudio Marciano (University of Torino)

Chair: Roberto Serpieri (University of Napoli Federico II)


Inequalities, mobility and migration in the lives of Italian young adults in London

June 16th, 5-6.30 pm (CEST)

Watch the seminar on Youtube:

Presenter: Michela Franceschelli (UCL)

Chair: Valentina Cuzzocrea (University of Cagliari)

Discussants: Ilenya Camozzi (University of Milan-Bicocca), Luca Raffini (University of Genova)




Roswita Breckner – Visual analysis of symbolic imaginations expressed through images

May 14th 5.00 pm (CEST)

Watch the seminar on Youtube:

Discussants: Giulia Carabelli (University of Belfast), Fabio Bertoni (Università di Cagliari), Louise  Honée (photographer)

Chair: Giuliana Mandich